Natural Stone Finishing


Polished surface that is grounded with a very fine abrasive to achieve a mirror-like shine.


Flaming gives the stone surface a varied natural fractured texture. The natural stone slabs are brought into contact with flames and immediately cooled with water. The temperature shock causes the eruption of the grains on the surface. The final roughness depends on the type of stone.


Letano adds a soft and brushed finish which accentuates the natural colour of the stone, while the sloped surface has a unique feel of its own, equivalent to a “leather touch-feeling”.


Anciento slabs are first honed and flamed and then brushed. Anciento is a slightly rough finish which is non-slip but nice to walk on barefoot. The maintenance of the surface is easy and also less susceptible to scratching.


Honed surface is slightly light-reflective, smooth, with a matt finish. No grooves will be visible.


Sawn is a rough surface done using a frame saw or a diamond wire. The surface will exhibit saw-cuts, small undulations, and lines.