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Lenato Finish

The soft, brushed finish accentuates the natural colour of the stone, while the sloped surface has a unique feel of its own, equivalent to a "leather touch-feeling".


As a South African manufacturer, Cameleon Granite Holding is at the source of World Class Granites such as :

* Rustenburg (= Impala),

* African Black (= Zimbabwe    Black)

* African Imperial Red.

With its high-tech machinery park Cameleon Granite can offer Monumental and Building Granite slabs in smooth and rough finishes directly from the South African factory


Polishing slab to perfection

Granite Block transported to saw to be cut into slabs..

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  heat, scratch and stain resistant, enduring colour

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Honed Finish

A smooth, satin surface without reflection, the Honed finish shows the full colour of the Granite.

Polished Finish

The Polished finish is a highly reflective, mirror gloss finish.

Flamed Finish

The Flamed finish is produced by applying a high-temperature flame to the surface of the Granite.